Chris Rowe, CIO is a Wall Street veteran with more than two decades as a professional investor, building wealth for big institutions and high net worth investors. Disenchanted by how he saw many individual investors treated, he left Wall street to form a very successful financial publishing company that empowered individual investors to invest like the large successful Wall Street firms. Chris believes “those who know, fare far better than those who don’t”.

This is the very reason he formed and launched RWM, to educate, advise and apply the very investment strategies that were handed down to him by some of the smartest, most successful investors on Wall Street and used for decades to make millions of dollars for their clients.

“We intend to bring the same institutional level investing strategies that made millions for Wall Street to our private clients”. - Chris Rowe.

Did you know most brokers and advisors don't actually manage your money?

Unlike most brokers and advisors, we don’t hand off investment decisions to someone else.

Here’s the problem, most brokers and advisors have been taught to recommend cookie cutter asset allocation plans that takes very little effort, are easy to explain and free’s the advisor to spend their time looking for new clients and grow their own fee’s rather than watching over your retirement.

As your portfolio manager, the day to day decisions of what is bought and sold are made in- house, by the people you know and trust. Our success is tied to your success. We don’t prosper unless you prosper.

Our management team have all worked for Wall Street firms and have the expertise and know-how to manage, grow and protect your life’s savings.